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CURRENT TO 01/26/2017:

Missions trip group planning meetings were held on November 11, 2016 in Warrenton Virginia and December 17,
2016 in Grantsville Maryland.

GLM's next mission trip is as follows:

2017:   January 18 - February 3

Interested in joining? Please contact
GLM as soon as possible by using the 01 20 2017 GLM Uganda video.

All application materials are posted on the
JOIN page.

Follow the team's progress on this page. Detail and pictures will be posted here as available.

You may also see the group on
FACEBOOK "Greater Living Ministries".

01 17 2017  IT BEGINS!

The Team has assembled in Warrenton Virginia for final introductions, packing, and mission information exchange.
There's much laughter in the group so that's a great sign :o)

                                                01 18 2017  DAY 1...

0613   The Team departs Warrenton for Dulles Airport and an approximate 1030AM take off. They make the airport in
plenty of time according to Elsie and go about as desired. Jewell hunts down her beloved Starbucks, while Larry is
probably wishing he had a Dawdy Haus kiosk there.

10:24   Flight 232 lifts off and they are on their way to Dubai. We are following them on flight tracker.....

2302    Flight 232 arrives in Dubai !!!  Elsie says it was a great flight. Flight EK 729 to Entebbe coming up soon.....


01 19 2017  DAY 2...

0900   The Team departed Dubai in a fast turnaround.

1339   The Team arrives in Uganda via Entebbe Airport!!! Unfortunately, it was less a lot of luggage.

1930   Jewell Beitzel sys they have made it (finally) to their hotel in Kampala....

Here's Elsie's story for today:

"Hi there, we got in late because had to rush so fast at Dubai Airport. We are missing 15 suitcases. Thank God I have
my CPAP. Anyway, I did get a massage tonight and we have just finished dinner at 11 o'clock because it took about an
hour and a half to make it. We are going to bed and I will talk to you tomorrow when I get up".

Such is the hustle and bustle of mission life with the team from GLM. Tomorrow is coming...

01 20 2017  DAY 3...

I have no direct stories yet, but it looks like it was a busy day. I see their beloved fish, a catch-up on the US Inaugural,
Some mugshots of the team and the children and some general Kampala area to include Mandela National Stadium.

01 21 2017  DAY 4...

1836   Jewell Beitzel proclaims " Made it to our hotel (at the mission)".

2005   Elsie calls me to say everyone has their rooms. So far, the little power converter we ordered from Amazon is
doing well. The WIFI there seems to be very good so we are all hopeful for better overall contact than the last
missions in Uganda.

She's tired so I thinks it's sleep time for some as they prepare for Sunday in Uganda. She has been looking forward to
that for a long time, and it's a highlight of her time there.

                         Snack Time with PA goodness via Rhoda Byerly :o)

01 22 2017  DAY 5...

After breakfast together, this was a day of worship for the group. Some took a trip into the hill near the motel.
Tomorrow begins a time of "getting into the work of the Lord" and it's exciting to see the possibilities.


01 23 2017  DAY 6...

Monday: The beginning of the real work of "boots on the ground".

01 24 2017  DAY 7...

From Elsie:

"To live in the country that I live in is truly a blessing. I had a bucket list experience today although I can't say that it
was truly on my bucket list.

I got to work in a OR in another country today just to observe and see how things work. And like any good OB nurse
you should always be ready for any emergency. Baby comes out, then I realized I am the only nurse in the OR other than
my friend who is able to resuscitate a baby. So that is what I did! Happy to say at the end of the day when I went to
check on Mom and baby. The baby was laying beside its mother sucking its thumb.

It was a great experience I shall always remember it. So, yes I can resuscitate a thick mec delivery in a foreign

01 25 2017  DAY 8...

Shots of general work assignments, and 5 Ugandan young ladies get treated to a meal at a restaurant.

01 26 2017  DAY 9...

"Prayer...the original wireless connection!" - Larry Byler

01 27 & 28 2017  DAYS 10 & 11...

The Team finally arrives in Jinja for a well-earned period of rest before traveling back to Kampala. This encouraging
word from Elsie:

"Joshua 1:9 was the verse yesterday that spoke to me. Love how God has spoken on this trip. He is so faithful and
shows how much he cares about each of us. I am resting in his peace..."

01 30 & 31 2017  DAYS 14 & 15...

The Team finally arrives for their safari post-mission. Lions, but no tigers or bears....(oh my!!) :o) Here's a comment
from Elsie on a lion-sighting...

"We saw lions, 2 males, and 2 cubs that just had a kill!    Woo hoo"

02 01 2017  DAY 16...

The Team has another safari day before heading back to Kampala....

02 02 2017  DAY 17...

The Team rested in Kampala, and awoke to a morning filled with "let's prepare for Entebbe". Dubai proved to have
downpours so the flight was delayed on landing for about an hour or so.

Takeoff proved problematic as well with "waiting on passenger" delays so another hour was lost on board, but away
they went at 702PM EST heading back for the USA.

                                          Anybody want to guess what this is in the Dubai airport?
no...it's not a Dawdy Haus Kiosk...but it ought to be :o)

02 03 2017  DAY 18...

The Team landed at Dulles Airport just after 9AM EST after a long ride home. Watch for more pics as they are

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. The team was able to successfully meet their goals.

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